You’re my little stalker
Aren’t you?
Creeping behind
Shivering skeleton branches
You are two fluttering shadows
One standing, one crawling.
I know you’re watching me
I know it!
I can feel the thumping
Of your pulsating eyes
Upon the back of my neck
Like kisses from a naked, beating heart

Keep coming!
Keep coming to me!
I want you to!
Creep into my yard
Scratch at the dead leaves
With slender, stabbing fingers
Upon the cracked and shifted surface
Of the sidewalk
Crouched down lurking –
Hinges screech and complain
As you open my front door

Now crawl upon my groaning stairs
A hunting cat
Sleek minx body
Slithering down my hallway
To my door –
Come here to my room, stalker
Come here upon my bed –
I can see you glowing
Shimmering there
Within the dancing candlelight –
You’ve been watching me, have you?
Well I’ve been watching you.
I’ve seen every sneak of yours
I’ve heard every creak
But now it is I who has you
Exactly where I want
For you are not here to claim me
No, my lady!
Rather, it is I who has claimed
What was already mine

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