I am a third-degree burn victim
In a world
Of constant stabbings-
I am engulfed by the masses,
A writhing squirm of humans
Who bump and strike
Against my skinless flesh
I want your burning love
To burn
And become the choking ashes
That clogs your screaming throat
And suffocates the hungry lungs
Of deceitfulness

Unneeded I am
In a mass that constantly needs
Unwanted I am
In a world that only wants more
Undreamt of I am
In a boiling sea
Of those who only dream
In the minds where nothing is sacred
By souls that have sworn
I will not be forgotten

Don’t touch me
I don’t believe in tenderness
Tenderness is the gentle prelude
To being torn apart
It is the beginning construction
Of destruction
The opening credits
To a movie destined to end
In everything
There is only nothing
In every someone
There is no one at all

I will not be fooled
By your stretching smile
I refuse to give in
And accept what you are giving
For you only give gifts
To be taken away
Ribbon-wrapped boxes
Full of jack-in-the-box torture
A popping out
Of evil giggles
Splattering wet morsels
Of bloodied need
A springing forth
Of the frigid promise
That winter will kill me bitterly

Love is the shell of the poets
Who dream of lies
And brighter days,
Simply the facade of those
With eyes gouged out
Sex is the physical trickery
Of ravenous devils
A violent, bloodless stabbing
And hope
The falsified contract,
The down-payment
For buying into the curse
The monstrous weights
Of treachery
Upon scales of tilting fables

I am the emergency friend
The fool behind the glass
To be broken when needed
To be exhausted of my strength
In your moment of panic
Then simply put aside
An empty tank of iron
I am the extinguisher of fire
The killer
Of the fragile flame
That dances weakly
Upon the wicked wick
You snuff out my fragility
Then wander away
With your smile of
Upon your painted face

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