you have awakened me you have disturbed the grave
you’ve uncovered the coffin
of my dark dreams –
I claw beneath the casket lid
moaning with a rotted tongue
through toothless gums of black
slickened gums
that slip against each other
with a squeaking
like a newborn
gnawing upon the rubbery nipple
of its bottle

this is your fault
you are the one who has awakened me
now I will pass through your walls
like a spirit
dragging my chains of shame behind me
upon your gouged hardwood floors –
scratching, laughing
I am the phantom shadow
from the corner of your eye
like a peripheral reality
I will disappear
at your direct gaze

I am the forgettable one
and yet I still haunt –
even in my passing
I will never leave you –
only in my death
will you be forced to live with me –
I dig at your bedroom walls
with black and bloody nails
leaving tracks of my existence
in ripped gray wallpaper –
you should have left me undisturbed
should have never removed the dirt
opened the casket
and awakened the memory of me
you should have let
sleeping gods lie

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