You are your own illusion
A lie you tell yourself
Self righteous self delusion
In a jar upon your shelf
Your strength sprouts from denial
Your pride from other’s falls
You rule from writhing piles
Of other people’s flaws

You see all
With blinded eyes
I’m a weaker vessel
Not as wise
You are a crumb
Of holy bread
You are a goddess
In your own head

Your world revolves too quickly
Around what you think you are
Your churning gut too sickly
To see you’ve gone too far
Your pretense of humility
As transparent as your love
Your façade of bright civility
As dark as drying blood

You condone
Your condemnation
Feed your world
Through defecation
You claim the truth
Yet lie instead
Outside you live
Inside you’re dead

You beat your drum too loudly
With a rhythm we can’t hear –
You stand on Nothing proudly
And laugh at other’s fear –
The audience that cheers you on
Lives inside your dreams –
Yours ears that spy on every word
Too deaf to hear our screams

Your pumped up ego
Needs deflation –
You achieve your fame
Through defamation
You did not heed
Your victims’ call
But you’ll hear us laughing
When you fall

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