loathing me

living with myself living with my own skin touching me feeling disgust when the reflected man refuses to stop staring with his bathroom-mirror eyes i can’t stand the sound of my own words when they come out i hate the smell of my own breath even the skeleton within me claws at my insides for... Continue Reading →

You are your own illusion A lie you tell yourself Self righteous self delusion In a jar upon your shelf Your strength sprouts from denial Your pride from other’s falls You rule from writhing piles Of other people’s flaws You see all With blinded eyes I’m a weaker vessel Not as wise You are a... Continue Reading →

you have awakened me you have disturbed the grave you've uncovered the coffin of my dark dreams - I claw beneath the casket lid moaning with a rotted tongue through toothless gums of black slickened gums that slip against each other with a squeaking like a newborn gnawing upon the rubbery nipple of its bottle... Continue Reading →

Rim Shot

i'm your little sick trick the punchline of your joke fill me with the falsehood that I guide my own destiny while you pull the strings you yank the ropes tighten the noose - how freely you offer your pretentious gift of free will that comes at so high a price as you make me... Continue Reading →


when I was very young my father let me watch a movie the plot was beyond me unfathomable for a child but I remember the pictures - the man sitting on the couch stormy night watching TV his back to the dark window Something taps on the glass behind him he does not look -... Continue Reading →

I am a third-degree burn victim In a world Of constant stabbings- I am engulfed by the masses, A writhing squirm of humans Who bump and strike Against my skinless flesh I want your burning love To burn And become the choking ashes That clogs your screaming throat And suffocates the hungry lungs Of deceitfulness... Continue Reading →


You're my little stalker Aren't you? Creeping behind Shivering skeleton branches You are two fluttering shadows One standing, one crawling. I know you're watching me I know it! I can feel the thumping Of your pulsating eyes Upon the back of my neck Like kisses from a naked, beating heart Keep coming! Keep coming to... Continue Reading →

My Room

in this room where I watch the ceiling fan spin round and round, outside this window other people laugh with other people's friends - other people's dogs bark in other people's backyards behind other people's houses where other people sit at other people's tables and eat their dinner - other people's girlfriends rest their heads... Continue Reading →

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